Face to Face Closing Education
How much better off financially, would your Agency be today,
if when you began your career someone would have taught you
the Exact WORDS to overcome the Buyers feelings of loyalty toward their old agent…
so the Buyer could feel comfortable & justified switching to you?
Dates (pick one)
  September 13-14    |   November 15-16
I can't teach you how to get 409 Broker of Record letters
in a single seminar...
But I can tell you (and what I can teach you )
is that in the majority of the 409 BOR’s
my coaching buddy agents and I have achieved…we had to come up with WORDS to close the deal –
that would make the buyer 1) feel comfortable and 2) feel justified in leaving his old agent
(even though we often had nothing that could save the prospect-a single penny at that moment-just like you often don't, right ?)
L.J. Scamahorn
The "Real World" Education you could never get at the Harvard School of Business
See actual $124,000* increase in commission income agent Ryan Smith has achieved
since we started woking together and as those accounts renew - will generate  *$799,000 in lifetime commission
  1. You only pay for food before coming.
  2. You only pay me for what you improve – see brochure.
  3. ( just tell me you want to get a free look at the Day One special program – see item 2 below – and hotel info)
Los Angeles Airport Location

Tuition: $1,895 (Total - both days)
Credit Card: your credit card will only be charged for your food and snacks* ($82 per person) in advance of the seminar. You will only pay for the seminar after you have attended. (Refer to brochure)
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* Breakfast (2), Lunch (1) Snacks both days
You might wonder…"Why would L.J. do this so cheaply when he could sit at home and get paid a lot more" ?
And the answer to that question is simple. I have run out of “private coaching” Time.

While it is incredibly rewarding to watch your agent friends WIN in situtations where they weren’t winning before –
and to know you were part of the Success. ( if you happen to be or have been a sports coach – you undoubtedly know what I mean )
The problem is when you become successful – nobody leaves you – and bam - you run yourself out of ….TIME.

So the purpose of this….is twofold.
And one of those is why I am also inviting you to the Special Program at 4:00pm on Monday.

  1. The biggest problem most of my coaching buddies have is getting into see (1st visits) with prospects.
    They simply don’t have enough people to see/games to play.
    So after a year of research …I now have rock solid – historical proof – of the actual marketing documents that –
    if you will mail them to an owner – with a MOD above 100 – will substantially improve their willingness to see you – and their desire for you to be their agent. And my guess is this will improve your Success for any employer.
    All this happens before you walk in the door. Because what no agent I have seen thus far has – despite the millions of dollars they have spent over the years -- they do NOT have the documented PROOF –
    for the businessowner to see –
    that gives you the power every professional who starts in business hopes to attain
                     – surgeon - litigator - insurance advisor –
    so your reputation and your track record for creating successes ….will precede you. That’s what you want isn’t it ?

    Unless you are an anamoly I have yet to witness,
    with 100% confidence, I can have your reputation for Success precede you with every prospect you see for the rest of your life. And you don’t have to pay $25,000 to some local advertising agency who doesn’t know your business. I can do it dirt cheap because I now have done it enough times to have the basic templates. You save.
    I can show you how and why it works – the Employers who bought ect. Then you decide. I will ask you to sign a non-disclosure. You have to tell me you would be happy and willing to invest in a marketing program that only costs $467/month for the entire agency.

    Let me know if either interest you.
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3 Sessions over
1 and 1/3 days
  3 Sessions to overcome
incumbent agent loyalty
-- 6 Improvements
Part 1
Part 2
Day 1 8:30 - 4:00 1.
Special Program (Optional)
4:00 – 5:00
(free cocktails by LJ)
Day 2
8:30 - 11:00
seminar ends
Day 1 4:00 – 5:00  
Special Training for Agents with certified Award
Winning RESULTS *
“Presenting your/my Evidence Binder™
  to Prospects”
* Discuss with L.J. if you would like to explore this program
Only come if you have LOST at least $50,000 of lifetime Commission.
Stop letting the buyer feel it’s ok to stay with their old agent -- when you deserve the business.